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Hop City 24 - Northern Monk

Hop City 24 - Northern Monk

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Our first release celebrating Hop City 2024. This is a super smashable 6.0% IPA, showcasing Crosby Hop varieties and made with some of our favourite breweries. 

Fidens of Albany, New York, Sudden Death from Lübeck, Germany, and from closer to home, Floc from Canterbury. 

This juicy and thick 6.0% IPA is overloaded with Azacca, Idaho 7, Idaho 7 CGX (R) and Columbus CGX(R) hops, given you aromas and flavours of passionfruit, mango, and peach, with hints of pine, lemon and black pepper.

Style: IPA

ABV: 6%

Brewery: Northern Monk

Size: 440ml

Allergens: Barley Wheat Oats

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