Vegan Craft Beer

All the Vegan craft beer we stock is clearly labelled as 'Vegan' on the bottle/can. We know some breweries say their beer is Vegan but if they haven't put this information on the bottles/cans we do not sell it as suitable for Vegans.


Beer is often made from barley malt, water, hops and yeast and is suitable for Vegans but some brewers add finings to clear the beer of sediment suspended in the brew to make it clear. Isinglass is the most common fining used to make beer clear and is produced from the swim bladders of fish, usually Sturgeon. As this is an animal product the beer would not be suitable for Vegans to drink. However, the trend for craft beers is to leave the brew unfiltered which results in a hazy or even murky beer, but as no finings are added this makes them suitable for Vegans.


Honey is added to some craft beers for flavouring and to sweeten the brew. Though generally considered suitable for Vegetarians, honey is an animal product, so it is not suitable for Vegans.


Some beers, particularly milk stouts, dessert beers and milkshake IPAs, contain lactose, a sugar derived from milk which is not suitable for Vegans.