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Lizard Licker / Bobbi Abbey - Northern Monk

Lizard Licker / Bobbi Abbey - Northern Monk

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A 7.5% DDH IPA in collaboration with our good friends at Double-Barrelled and the ever-excellent Cloudwater.  

Showcasing Nectaron hops from New Zealand which bring plenty of nectarine character to the mix. We backed this up with another of our favourite new hop varieties, Luminosa, for flavours of peach, white grape, and juniper, and development variety HBC586 to add juicy tropical fruit characters, and finally a touch of Strata for a dank, limey and passionfruit aftertaste over a typically soft, pillowy, mouthfeel.

Style: IPA

ABV: 7.5%

Brewery: Northern Monk

Size: 440ml

Allergens: Barley Wheat Oats

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